If You're Here, You're Special!

You belong here. You’ve either been invited by a member of the Ovis inner circle or because you don't trust corporate or social media, which often spreads misinformation and fake news.


You're here because you are looking for a place to find unbiased, trustworthy, verifiable, and accountable news and information.

Ovis is your place.  Your news.  Your community.

Welcome to the Ovis community!  You're joining a fast-growing movement that's in the process of pilot-testing a revolutionary, community-based software platform that will disrupt if not dismantle the corporate media machine.

Everybody remembers Wilbur and Orville Wright because they invented power flight.  You are going to be part of an exclusive group to do something just as momentous — incentivize truth for journalism and help eliminate fake news. That will be your stamp on history. It can only be a select few that get to do that — and you’re now in that inner circle.

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Our vision is to restore the public trust in journalism.

The most exciting part is, once we have your insight and input, we could be in full release of market-ready software within six months, ready to begin changing the world. But we can't do that without your help. So if you want to be part of something that we believe is game-changing and revolutionary, now is the time to get involved.

Getting started is easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Register for a Meet & Greet with the Ovis leadership team and members of the inner-circle.

  2. Attend the Meet & Greet (if possible attend with the person who invited you.)

  3. Discover how testing the Ovis platform can earn you a spot in the Ovis First 100 Club where you’ll enjoy a lifetime of status, power, and financial rewards within the Ovis community!