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Join us live on Saturday, April 15, 2023.  See how the Ovis community is ending fake news by incentivizing the truth. Ovis is more than a platform, it is a movement where everyday people come together to determine what is news and ensure that information is trustworthy, verifiable and accountable.


We’ll also dive into how the business model of rating and clicks is destroying the public's trust in news and online information. This live event will show how Ovis is returning the power back to everyday people.


Event: The Importance of Trustworthy, Verified and Accountable Local News

Date & Time: Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern

The mission of the Ovis community is to end fake news and misinformation  by incentivizing the truth. Ovis, a division of Opes Media LLC, is a decentralized media network operating in a tokenized environment on the blockchain.  Any Ovis community member has the opportunity to function as a journalist, a fact-checker, a news consumer, token holder or all four.  Learn more at



Traci Grant

Ovis Chief Correspondent



Emilie Raguso

Guest Speaker

As a writer, editor, and newly-minted agency owner, Emma enjoys creating the kind of copy that reaches up off the page and draws the reader in - but she relishes editing even more. Carving away the unneeded word, restructuring sentences, polishing the author's message until it gleams? Divine. She can't wait to share what she has learned with you. 



Linton Johnson

Ovis Founder

A journalist and a communications executive for the past 33 years and a communications executive for the past 33 years. He started Ovis to create a new business model that not only incentivize truth telling but brings back the power to the people.


Jules Bernstein

Guest Host/ Pioneer Club Member

A veteran journalist who produced news at KRON4 TV, ABC7, KGO radio and KQED FM in San Francisco before jumping to the other side of the microphone. She now represents the sciences and engineering departments at UC Riverside. Her passion is translating technical ideas into language that can excite general audiences.

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