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Join as a Fact-Checker

The end of fake news begins with YOU!

Fill in your details below to join our community as a fact- checker.

The Ovis community is dedicated to ensure that the news is trusted, verifiable and accountable to WE THE PEOPLE. On joining the community as a fact-checker you will make sure that there is no spread of misinformation within the community.

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Hear from one of our community members.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ovis and what our users think about us.


Fact-checker Benefits

Learn more about the benefits and responsibilities of journalists.

Being a “truth champion”

Nominiating potential members who can uphold values of the Ovis community

Helping to shape and define the community’s values

Creating the process to ensure news that is trustworthy, verifiable and accountable

Voting, through the use of TRUTH tokens, on important issues to make sure the news is trusted

Joining one of several teams (event planning, community standards, ethics, diversity, membership, fundraising, tech, tokenization, blockchain, etc.) 

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