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First 100 Club

Welcome First 100 Testers!

Guess what?  Simply by following the next three steps below, you will have completed some of the qualifying activities and providing feedback required to join the exclusive First 100 Club!  Ovis First 100 Club members enjoy a lifetime of status, power, and financial rewards in the Ovis community!


We promise, qualifying to become a First 100 Club member will be fairly simple, fun and very rewarding.  And remember, the team with the most First 100 Club members at the end of testing, (tentatively scheduled for summer 2022) will win and split $1,000 and 1,000 TRUTH tokens!  Every member who makes it into the First 100 Club receives these incentives!


Here are the three easy steps to get started - oh and each step counts as a qualifying activity - allowing you to earn rewards, and putting you that much closer to becoming a member of the First 100 Club:


Sign up for the Official Ovis Chat Channel on Telegram.  (Earn 1 TRUTH Token)

Subscribe to our Ovis newsletter here.   (Earn 1 TRUTH Token)

Sign up and attend Ovis Wallet Days where we’ll guide you through the process to set up your free  “Metamask Wallet,” which you’ll need to test the platform.  (Earn 2 TRUTH Tokens)


Oh, if you already have a Metamask wallet, you’ll still need to attend Wallet Days so we can connect your wallet to the Ovis platform.


Qualifying Activities & Rewards


This is the list of qualifying activities and associated feedback to become a member of the First 100 Club.  It's pretty simple. Total testing time is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes, plus the time it takes for you to provide your valuable feedback for each section. Your feedback is what earns the TRUTH tokens. 


The eight testing categories are below, along with the approximate time it will take to complete the testing and the number of TRUTH tokens you'll receive for answering all the feedback questions in each.  

  1.  Signup  (~5 Mins / 3 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  2.  Add Wallet  (~30 Mins / 10 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  3.  Update Profile  (~10 Mins / 3 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  4.  OVIS IT! - Story Suggestions  (~7 Mins / 2 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  5.  OVIS IT! - General  Suggestions  (~7 Mins / 2 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  6.  OVIS IT! - Community Standards   (~7 Mins / 2 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  7.  Read Truth News  (~5 MINS / 2 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

  8.  Miscellaneous  (Search, Notifications, Anything Else) (~5 Mins / 2 TRUTH Tokens for Your Feedback)

Each time you complete a section of Qualifying Activities and accompanying feedback above, you earn the associated rewards.  Begin by accessing the instructions and your checklist to start testing here.


Prizes & Benefits


Every person who makes it into the First 100 Club will also receive these incentives:  

  • Revenue Rewards Sharing   (5% Profits Pool Participation)

  • Monthly Membership Discount  (15% off for 2 years, cannot be combined with other discounts)

  • TRUTH Token Discount  (15% off, one-time purchase)

  • Meals with Linton, Advisory Board & Co-Founding Team  (1 Lifetime Complimentary Pass)

  • Status Gifting   (Lifetime, 1 person)

  • Tie Breaker Vote   (Lifetime .50 Vote)

  • First Mover Advantage 

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