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Join as a First 100 Member

Join as a First 100 member. This exclusive club is reserved only for the first one-hundred people to successfully sign-up and test the Ovis platform.  These exclusive members will receive benefits and rewards never to be offered again.  And it's free!

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Image by Jack Finnigan

Hear from one of our community members.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ovis and what our users think about us.

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First 100 Club Member Benefits

The benefits and rewards combination being offered to First 100 members will never be offered again.

Monthly Membership Discount  
(15% off for 2 years, cannot be combined with other discounts)

TRUTH Token Discount  
(15% off, one-time purchase)

Meals with Linton, Advisory Board & Co-Founding Team  
(1 Lifetime Complimentary Pass)

Status Gifting  
(Lifetime, 1 person)

Tie Breaker Vote   
(Lifetime .25 Vote)

First Mover Advantage

Inaugural Member Benefis
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